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Jazmine Sullivan's "Bust Your Windows" - Palm Beach Remix with Lyrics

Mr. Pupp "Da Quarter Million Dollar Man" and 21 Reese from Palm Beach have a message to any female that would dare bust the window out their cars. Here go the video and lyrics to their remix of Jazmine Sullivan's smash hit as well as I could transcribe them.....

"Aaaay, wassup lil mama
Noticed your answerin machin had came on an shit
I got ur message
Now im fidda leave yo mothafuckin ass a message too
Cause ill be damned if I let u get away wit this bullshit

Ill put my foot up in yo ass
If I see any broken glass
And u gon always have them ugly scars
If you come roun here fuckin wit my car

Ill put my foot up in yo ass
And you aint seen me layin next to her
I didn't wanna put my hands on her
But Im glad I did it cause she had to learn

See, I had to admit lil mama yo pussy good
You buss a window bitch I wish you would
Go get yo bruthas cause I don't give a fuck
You gon get those pussy niggas fuckd up

You caint fuck with a real niggas shit
Cause where Im from that there will get you split
You betta back it up like juvenile
Cause if you don't bitch Ill be goin to trial

Ill put my foot up in yo ass
Bitch, I betta not see no broken glass
And u gon always have them ugly scars
If you come roun here fuckin wit my car
Ill put my foot up in her ass, (so far, so far)
You should be lucky bitch that's all you get
Don't come around here with that fuckin bullshit
Bitch, get yo wig split
Don't play with me

21 reese
Aint it some bitch I hope you broke your wrist
Don't know how much this glass gon cos to fix
I hope u satisfied wit what u did
Cos wen I see you Im gon split yo shit

I thot I tol u don't involve yo feelings
Or it will make u think that I aint mean it
U got too deep, too close to me
An u played yo self

Ima catch a charge
Ima catch a charge
U knew from the start
Don't involve yo heart
So u gon git the bidness if u fuck wit my car"

-- Jacob Katel

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Jacob Katel