Jeff Hanneman, Slayer's Legendary Axe-Man Dead at 49

To say that Slayer has brought me moments of happiness is an understatement.

From the aggressive thrash to the hepped-up on meth speed metal with hardcore punk underlinings, Slayer's contribution to reducing the suck factor of the 1980s is undeniable. Proud of wearing '70s metal on his sleeve, as well as his punk rock roots, guitarist Jeff Hanneman was essential in influencing hundreds, if not thousands of young heshers to pick up the instrument and rock out.

Hanneman might be remembered as a wild party man who fully ingested the heavy metal lifestyle, and while much of the Slayer mythos might emanate from that dark pit of personal despair, Henneman recovered from his sins of excess. Unfortunately in 2011, he contracted necrotizing fasciitis from a spider bite, and his days in Slayer came to an end.

Though there were a few instances of recovery, it seems like the disease continued to affect him enough to permanently remove him from his rightful place on the metal stage. In a way, given Slayer's past with infuriating humorless Christians and nervy record store-owners, it was somewhat the way to go given that necrotizing fasciitis is a destroyer of the flesh.

Liver failure is the cause of death but the link to the skin disease is tenuous at best at this hour; Henneman died at a hospital near his California home surrounded by his loving wife Kathy and his siblings.

The only way to celebrate his memory is through the work-appropriate music of Slayer. Here are a few of our favorite albums in their full glory. Let's be like Andrew WK and #PartyForSlayer!!!

5. Reign in Blood

4. South of Heaven

3. Undisputed Attitude

2. Diabolus in Musica

1. Christ Illusion

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.