Jellyfish Brothers' Janette Valentine: "I Like Slapping Wigs, Sailor Hats, and Tutus on Boys" (PHOTO)

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Maybe you caught the adorable trio the Jellyfish Brothers performing in full sailor garb at 

Summer of Weirds

. You might have been drawn in by their homoerotic... Er, totally campy attire, but you definitely stayed sweaty and huddled around them for the sounds peeling out of their instruments. 

Brothers Gregorio and Eduardo Alvarez and Shroud Eater's Janette Valentine make surfy, dark rock and roll fit for psych-stupid dancing or dramatic head bobbing. All of the Jellys are talented in the visual arts too. Valentine's company Terribly Girly makes sensual pinups out of any lady (or man, as you shall see), and the Alvarezes produce, film, and direct the online music documentary series Audio Junkie

In preparation of their upcoming show at Green Room for County Grind Live, the three talents answered our pretty goofy questions after the jump. 

New Times: Given your name, do you swim fearlessly in the ocean? Do you have no fear of jellyfish and their sting? What about sharks or barracudas? A dude just got bitten by something behind the W on Miami Beach. 

Jellyfish Brothers: We're most afraid of careless humans and pollution. Humans can be disgusting creatures. We pray for the day that the Church of the Jellyfish Brotherhood takes over and makes all the corporations and individuals that make dumps out of our oceans pay. 

Is Janette a Jellyfish Sister? 

Eddy and Greg: JellyMama!

Audio Junkie is so rad. Will you make one on the Jellyfish Brothers? And if so, what would it be like? How would you approach it?

Eddy and Greg: Episode 0. Claymation. 

You guys recorded with Rat Bastard. Craziest Rat story, please? Everyone's got one. 

Jellyfish Brothers: First off, Rat is a crazy fucker. We love that freak. Craziest story we can share freely is that of the fine evening when he played soft music for us, turned on his groovy disco lights and made us a Cuban colada as powerful as the finest Bolivian powder. 

Janette you're the main lady over at Terribly Girly? Would you do a photo shoot with Eddy and Greg even though they're dudes? 

Janette: Any chance I get, I like slapping wigs, sailor hats, and tutus on boys. I'm thinking I can get to work on TG's sister company "Terribly Burly." Eddy and Greg would make hot mermaids... Or mermen, don't you think?!

Eddy and Greg, would you go along with it? 

Eddy and Greg: Been there, done that. (Click on for photo.)

Janette, what does the music you make with the Jellyfish Brothers give you that Shroud Eater doesn't and vice versa?

Janette: Playing in Shroud Eater satisfies my need to fuck shit up. It's loud, it's hard, and it puts hair on my chest. Playing in Jellyfish Brothers satisfies my need for fun and has challenged my old lady brain to think differently musically. Both bands are my family and both bands put up with my crazies... I'm a happy girl.

What's up next for Audio Junkie? Jellyfish Brothers? Terribly Girly? 

Eddy and Greg: Next up for Audio Junkie is Episode 2 with Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes! Then we're gonna have a screening of Episode 3 at Sweat Records along with the finest selection of trash cinema by John Waters. A Divine lookalike contest might just be in the works.

Jellyfish Brothers... Biggest news is that we finished recording our first record. The story is based around Prince Jellyfish, his rise to power, his inevitable fall and his exile into outer space. The release party is scheduled for Friday, October 5, at Churchill's Pub in Miami. The event is called EDSTOCK, and we shall party. 

Janette: For Terribly Girly, well, this is busy season in the studio. October brings a Tim Burton theme we're planning for Halloween. We also have a campy theme in the works for the holidays, and we're hoping to go back to Paris next year in the Spring. Busy, busy....

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