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Jim Camacho Talks Little Haiti Rock City, The Mouse King, and Touring With Linda Perhacs

Welcome to the Swamp.

Nope, we're not talkin' Tim Tebow's breeding ground up in Gainesville -- we're talking the 2014 Miami Book Fair International's pop-up lounge. And performing at this year's Swamp is Miami composer and adult alternative singer/songwriter Jim Camacho.

Joined by fellow SoFla music legends Charlie Pickett and Rob Elba, the Swamp will also be presenting a special screening of the trailer for Franco Parente's upcoming Churchill's Pub documentary, Little Haiti Rock City, where Camacho and his crew share their unforgettable moments at the Little Haiti gem.

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Last Spring, Camacho debuted his latest work, Everywhere, a five-song EP released under Forward Motion/Broken Records. Named one of the top albums of 2013 by us here at New Times, it features the title track and standout singles "Hold On Ariel," "Clear Design," and "Big Little World."

But with the holidays right around the corner, the music junkie will be presenting Mouse King, a musical reworking of The Nutcracker from the mice point of view, featuring master puppeteer Noel MacNeal at the Mandelstam Theater in South Miami in December.

County Grind caught up with Camacho to discuss the Book Fair show, his upcoming holiday musical, touring with folk legend Linda Perhacs, and whether money beats soul.

County Grind: Because your next gig is the Miami International Book Fair on November 19, we have to ask what book are you currently reading?

Jim Camacho: Right now, funny you should ask, I'm reading the new Gene Simmons book, Me Incorporated. It's interesting to hear about his beginnings. I didn't really know anything about him, but his mom survived the Holocaust and came to America with a dream. It's just a beautiful story about how awesome America is, where you have a chance, a shot to do anything you want.

Have you played the Book Fair before?

A long time ago I did, maybe about seven years ago. It was great fun. I played an acoustic set, but this time it will be a full band -- a different experience. I'm looking forward to it.

What are your thoughts on playing on the same bill with Rob Elba and Charlie Pickett?

I've played with those guys many times, and I have a lot of respect for Charlie and Rob. If I had to choose my favorite people from this scene, it would probably be them two, no offense to anybody else. Those guys are awesome, and it's going to be great to share the stage with them.

I would agree in terms of longevity and what each means to their genres.

Yeah, Charlie was finishing up when the Goods (Camacho's former band and Mercury Records' recording and touring artists) were just getting started, and we played and became friendly with him back then. He was a guiding light for us, as he'd been through it all before. When we opened up for Pearl Jam, he hung out with us during sound check, helped us with our guitars and stuff -- it was just an honor to have him there with us.

In a sense, that moment was sort of a passing of the torch.

Exactly! He was kind of going back and trying to find a way to get away from the music business, and getting a career going in law, which he did and he has really kicked ass at that. Yet he is still as amazing as he has ever been. When he gets on the stage, no one can touch him.

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