Jimbo's Is Closing? Say It Ain't So!

Read Miami New Times' Riptide report on this topic from earlier today. 

Although Jimbo's is located just south of these parts on Virginia Key, it's truly a South Florida institution. It is a lawless land where people who want to escape the confines of traditional society can enjoy some smoked fish, a cold beer, and bocce ball at a swampy port overlooked by colorful shacks. 

When we interviewed Jimbo Luznar, his son, and daughter-in-law Jennie, who've been managing the site, just months ago, it seemed they were ready to revamp the place and keep it open. Miami New Times reports that they've been running on generators for two years and high gas prices are making it impossible for them to keep power. Via text, Jennie Luznar told County Grind that Jimbo's might stay open, but without power. They're looking to file a law suit and fight the City of Miami to regain electricity, or turn to solar energy. 

This is one of those places that we, as a state, hell, as a country, cannot afford to lose. Authenticity is so scarce, that when you find it, you have to hold on to it, and tightly. And give it some power for fuck's sake. 

Most importantly, if Jimbo's closes, where will Swampfoot play?

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