Jimmy Buffett Announces Fort Lauderdale Concert in February 2013

You'd think an act named "the Coral Reefer Band" would never get the chance to leave the dark, dank corner of your local old-guy bar. But when that group, even with the dorky pot joke nestled so comfortably amid its letters, is led by Jimmy Buffett, well then, fire up the jets! These stoners are ready to jam on some beach-based tunes live for the entire first world!

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Buffett maintains the non-ironic smiles and holds the blind (as well as, at times, deaf) adoration of billions of flip-flop lovers, without wavering. He's created a franchise glorifying the lifestyle of a quirky little island about 200 miles south of here, even despite the commercialization of the totally queer and wonderfully weird Key West. 

The singer left paradise for the rest of the frigid world for his winter "Lounging at the Lagoon" tour. Buffett's people announced this morning that he's not only extending the tour from last year into this but he's bringing it down from the Panhandle, through Jacksonville, into Broward County. 

Sure, we don't need as huge a dose of Margaritaville as much as say, Burlington, but sweaty, sandy South Floridians love the boozy sounds of Buffett as much as any sucker freezing his ass off up north. 

Parrotheads already are aware, but Buffett recorded his latest album, Welcome to Fin City, on his own Mailboat Records, recently, and it's available on CD/DVD and CD/Blu-Ray box sets. They all include an unreleased video of "Elvis Presley Blues" and Buffett and Lionel Richie crooning to the classic party jam "All Night Long." 

All night is about the amount of time Fort Lauderdale's Parrotheads will be singing about cheeseburgers and salty tattoos at the BB&T Center this February 2, when Buffett inspires a roomful to get silly stoned and wear bikinis in the dead of winter on an ice hockey rink.

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reffer Band, 8 p.m. at BB&T Center, 1 Panther Parkway, Sunrise. Tickets go on sale on January 11 at 10 a.m. on Ticketmaster.com. Limit of eight per customer. 

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