Jimmy Pagano Memorial Jam at America's Backyard Benefits Artists with Autism

In April 2011, Jimmy Pagano, a valued local drummer, promoter, and friend, was murdered trying to break up a bar fight at Fishtales Bar and Grill, where he himself hosted a weekly Pro Jam event. It was a huge blow for the Fort Lauderdale music scene and also for those who loved him. This Sunday, May 20, Pagano's friends and supporters will gather at America's Backyard for a memorial jam. There will be raffles and a silent auction to benefit musicians with autism.

Roscoe Peterson, his best friend and the guitar player in Jimmy Pagano's Untamed Band offered us a few words in remembrance of Pagano:

A couple of decades ago, I was asked by a friend if I wanted to "go to an

open jam." Back then I had little time to "jam" but said what the heck,

I have never heard of the term "open jam" in a public place. I went

down and saw this drummer shuffling people on and off stage, and I went

to meet him. He was Jimmy Pagano. "What a great idea," I told him.

Over the years, I began to see this brash/but lovable guy from Bedford

Village, New York, who came here with a purpose. That's when I realized,

I was dealing with someone special. This guy was keeping a lot of

people working and a lot of clubs and venues afloat.

I began

filling in and eventually joined his "Untamed Band." We became very

close, and I can tell you some things you might find interesting. Jimmy

literally gave me the shirts off his back, his meatballs were second to

none (just ask him). He loved every person he met (even if he didn't

like you), and as a community, we lost more than we bargained for. He

truly, was and continues to be an inspiration to a lot of people.

Carry on his love and wisdom in the world, it becomes a better place! I

guarantee it!

Visit American's Backyard, 100 Southwest Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale, on May 20 from noon to 11:30 p.m. $3 beers, $10 adult admission, $5 for kids under 12.

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