Jimmy Pagano Tribute Page Launched on Facebook

Those who knew or just knew of celebrated area promoter and drummer Jimmy Pagano, who was killed Sunday morning in a violent brawl at Fishtales Bar & Grill in Fort Lauderdale, can pay respects at an online forum created by his longtime friend Judy Blem.

The In Honor & Remembrance of Jimmy Pagano Facebook page already has more than 1,200 likes and counting. Many photos featuring Pagano smiling next to the people who knew him best are up on the page, as well as a photograph of the growing shrine of flowers mementos outside Fishtales.

Aside from the growing number of tributes posted by well-wishers, this is excerpted from the page's info section:

He was a relentless promoter, a top-notch sound man, an entertainment

director, a special events coordinator. He wasn't just running "a weekly

jam" at Fishtales, he's been running jam nights for over 30 years,

sometimes 3 or 4 per week, to give musicians an opportunity to play, to

network, to rehearse, or just to have fun. He was a man with a huge

heart who never hesitated to organize a benefit when a fellow musician

was in need. He was a man who poured his heart and soul into helping

others without expecting anything in return. He was a man with big

dreams whose optomism was contagious. He was a man who tried to teach us

all to brush off negativity and instead, start every single day with a

positive thought. If you are one of the thousands of people he helped or

inspired, then you know. We all must come together to honor Jimmy's

legacy and be kind to one another. Stop and smell the roses, friends.

Please share your thought and stories here, in Jimmy's honor. Rest in

peace, our friend... Jimmy Pagano.

Here is Pagano in his element behind the drum kit during a past Tuesday night jam at Fishtales. 

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