Joan Jett and Iggy Pop Unveil New PETA Ad at Sublime in Fort Lauderdale

If there is anything that Joan Jett loves more than rock n' roll it's animal rights. Over the last ten years, Jett has dedicated her time and efforts in assisting PETA with the endless fight against animal cruelty. And now she'll be showing off her PETA pride with a brand new print ad that's part of the "I Am Vegetarian" series.  

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On Sunday, November 4, Joan Jett will unveil her new PETA ad at Fort Lauderdale's vegan restaurant, Sublime. Fellow music legend and PETA supporter, Iggy Pop, will also be in attendance to honor Joan Jett with the Nanci Alexander Activist Award for her non-stop work in support of animal rights.

Check out Joan Jett's "I Am Vegetarian" ad after the jump.

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