Joe Arroyo's Gonna Lay Down the Jams at the Fillmore on November 25

​Ask any salsa lover worth his salt (or white powder of more dubious origin) which is the hardest hitting, most hip swinging salsa track of all time and a heated debate is likely to ensue. But you can bet your ass that Joe Arroyo's "Rebelion" would be in the mix. The lyric may seem racy in these oh so PC times, but any time it drops in any club or party, people seem compelled to sing along at the top of their lungs, "no me pegues la negra!" Also worth throwing into the mix would be "En Barranquilla Me Quedo," another frenetic, conga-heavy salsa jammy jam.

Which is to say, Joe Arroyo is the shit. I'm not saying he's harder than the Cuban salseros, or some of the Nuyorican salsa pimps, but he's most definitely in the mix. Want to see people dancing in the aisles at the Fillmore? Go catch Joe Arroyo live. You may even be one of those people dancing in the aisles.

Joe Arroyo performs at the Fillmore Miami Beach on Wednesday, November 25 at 8p.m. Tickets run $51.50 to $66.50.

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Christopher Lopez