John Mayer Is Back, Coming to West Palm Beach, and With More Hat!

Minion of gentle tunes, serial dater, Twitter enthusiast, and vintage-Rolex expert John Mayer has returned to the spotlight, with the hashtag "#mayerisback" as his war cry.

This is an official return for Mayer -- not your standard-issue postbreak-up media blitz -- as the man, and his inimitable, airy, girlfriend-approved voice, have finally been delivered to the positive side of treatment for a granuloma located near his vocal cords.

The granuloma required Mayer to undergo surgery, as well great deal of speech therapy, delaying the release of Mayer's most recent album, the Don Was-produced Born and Raised, for more than a half a year. Unfortunately, the initial surgery did not fix the Connecticut-bred guitar phenom's voice, and additional time under the knife and subsequent therapy kept Mayer from performing, once again dashing any hopes for any immediate touring following the release of the album.

Mayer has returned to the public spotlight, announcing dates for his first large-scale tour in more than three years, confirming on Ellen DeGeneres' show that he is no longer involved with either Katy Perry or "delicious" Scotch and that he is thoroughly enjoying his new lifestyle in the picturesque ranges of Montana.

The Born and Raised Tour will come to West Palm Beach's Cruzan Amphitheatre on September 8. Visit johnmayer.com for full tour dates.

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