John Ralston at Dada, January 14

John Ralston at Dada, January 14

John Ralston
With Grey & Orange
Dada, Delray Beach
Friday, January 14, 2011

Better Than: Spending Friday night in a club

The Review:
As a couple seated at the bar fell hard onto the floor mid-song, Lake Worth Americana artist John Ralston politely asked them if they were okay and kept playing. Later the couple was kissing, so it seemed to be all good. That's the kind of night it was Friday at Dada. Kind of like being on vacation in someone's cabin as a jam session ensued among friends, and people smashed together in Dada's cozy living room. Much of the crowd was on a first name basis with Ralston and the members of opening act Grey & Orange. 

The tone was set at the beginning of the night when

bassist/vocalist Dan Bonebrake did sound check and said, "Chicks man

Chicks, 1, 2" That kind of humor was reciprocated by the crowd as jokes

passed back and forth constantly. Greg Lovell, guitarist/vocalist for

Grey & Orange pounded the ground beneath him and jumped high into

the air amid his sick guitar riffs. Jesse Dalton worked his drums to the


When Ralston played, the crowd started clapping in unison and passed around a tambourine. The tambourine was supposed to get played on the twos and fours, but apparantly that was harder than it seemed. Ralston whipped out his Bob Dylan style harmonica and performed "Gas and Matches" off his new album.

Just when the concert was mellowing down, Steve Copeletti started playing drums with Ralston. "Who knows where this is going," Ralston said. Then a guy holding a glass of red wine started oohing on the second mic. It was like a family reunion that ended in song.

Critic's Notebook:

Personal Bias: My mom enjoyed it, and Dan Bonebrake gave me his set list on notebook paper

Best Part: Being literally a leg's length away from the band and getting to chat with them

Age Range: 20's to 50's

Ralston's beer of Choice: Amstel Light

Random Detail: The letters "D E G" were on Ralston's right Converse 

Overheard in the Crowd: "Strangle that thing" (In reference to Lovell's guitar)

OH #2: "I love you Orange Julius!"

OH #3: "Will you guys come play in my apartment later?" 

OH #4: "I want to hump your drummer, is that weird?"

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