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Johnny Jewel's Chromatics Unveil "Kill for Love," Glass Candy Headlines Moonfest

South Florida fans of producer/musician/label honcho Johnny Jewel have plenty to rejoice about this week.

Most obviously, Jewel is in West Palm Beach with one of his acts, Glass Candy, for the West Palm Beach Halloween extravaganza Moonfest this weekend. Much more about Jewel's work with his many groups and his label, Italians Do It Better, in Alex Rendon's music feature here.

Onto the business of another one of Jewel's bands, the dark and dreamy Chromatics. If the name sounds familiar, that's because they gained a lot of recognition for "Tick of the Clock" after it showed up on the heralded Drive movie soundtrack earlier this fall. Now the group has offered up the first single from its fourth album, Kill for Love.

Hearing the radiant and pouting Ruth Radelet singing that she "took a pill almost every night," we're inclined to believe her. The clip, directed by Alberto Rossini, is a blurry kaleidoscope view into the Chromatics' aesthetic and looks like it was filmed in 1974.

Jewel's many personalities are set to have a big year in 2012 with Kill for Love emerging in January and a Glass Candy album called Body Work coming...  sometime.

Moonfest 2011, featuring Glass Candy, with Millionyoung, Under Every

Green Tree, Brobrah Nation, Sweet Chariots, Darling Sweets, Dharmata,

Luna Rex, Doorway 27, Hard Richards, Band in Heaven, and Loxahatchee

Sinners Union. 9 p.m. Saturday, October 29, in the 500 block of Clematis

Street, West Palm Beach. No cover. Visit

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