Johnny Marr's Top 10 Most Unexpected Musical Moments

As the rain falls hard on this (occasionally) humdrum town, fans of the Smiths have reason to rejoice! This week, Mr. Johnny Marr announced a Fort Lauderdale date on his impending U.S. tour.

While Marr is best known as Morrissey's former songwriting foil in the Smith's, the guitarist's keene sense of melody and unexpected guitar textures have become as synonymous with the band's sound as Morrissey's ever-so-dramatic croon and pomp. Johnny Marr is considered by many to be the ultimate guitar anti-hero, circumventing the raucous distortion and over-the-top fretboard athletics that marked guitar trends in the '80s to forge a sound uniquely his own.

Marr has had a far more prolific career than many fans may realize, stemming far deeper than his integral part in crafting those world-shaking Smiths albums. In fact, Marr has provided his services as a guitarist, songwriter, and sideman for so many other acts since his time with the Smiths, that we have decided to put together a list of some of our favorite tracks from Marr's storied career in celebration of the show announcement. Enjoy!

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David Von Bader