Jolt Radio and Stache Host a Thursday Night That's "Fun All Around"

Feeling bored and lonely on a Thursday night? Need some live music in your life? Miami-based Jolt Radio's got you covered at Fort Lauderdale's 1920s style drinking den, Stache, with their growing weekly party.

What used to be the slightly grungy Green Room is now a swanky and old-timey speakeasy. Their Thursday night Gummdrops party has teamed up with Jolt to create the Sound Series, and good vibes abound. Each weekly escapade is sure to be a special one, with the intelligent pairing of live music and streaming sounds. We caught up with Jolt Radio's John Caignet to get some details.

New Times: Tell us some more about the Stache and Gummdrops Sound Series. How did you get involved?

John Caignet: Gummdrops and Revolution have collaborated with Jolt for quite some time now. We've held quite a few parties together and have had a lot of fun while we're at it. This particular Sound Series is about showcasing great local talent in a really great venue, plus we stream it live every Thursday night which makes it accessible to the world and to folks that can't make it out.

What can we expect from a Sound Series party?

Fun all around; from the minute you step in, until you leave. Live bands, great DJs, the staff is A plus, and the vibe is just great. It's definitely a night to be introduced to bands and their exclusive sound in a very chilled environment. Plus there are tons of giveaways for future Revolution, Gummdrops, and Jolt Radio shows.

How do you it differs from other weekly events you've been involved with -- both as a DJ and as an party-goer?

I think the idea of this party leans more on the concept of listening, watching, learning and observing the bands do their thing. Same goes for the DJ. Stache has a unique atmosphere, and that itself sets the mood. It's a great way to ring in the weekend.

What else is new with Jolt Radio? Any new projects?

Every day is a new day here, and we love it. We have a new band rehearsal space called Attic Studio with all the treats needed to practice. We're also working on some killer summer parties which we will be sharing soon (so stay tuned) and some insanely crazy "radio" news that we will let everyone know asap. There's a lot in the workshop and we're at it.

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Rebecca Bulnes