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Jon Bon Jovi Fans Losing Their Shit: Highlights From the Comments Section


Sometimes, New Times stirs the pot. Sometimes, we put out something controversial, and sometimes, people get agitated and call us idiots and fax us letters saying they're going to murder us. It happens.

Just usually not on a mostly positive review of a 50-year-old dude playing a campy concert.

New Times Music Editor Liz Tracy reviewed last week's Jon Bon Jovi concert, and this blog post was not her idea. But man, you people are assholes.

"What a sad and pathetic review," wrote andreasp229.

"i cant believe i just read this B-itches Review?" wrote jjab652. "I am so mad cause when you insult Bon Jovi LIZ you insult the fans!! GET a real Job. I hope you didnt quite your day job bi%ch."

A charming woman named Nancy Medina also chimed in: "You think you're so clever. The fact is you're not. Don't bore us with your occasional compliments on Jon's hair and ass."

"Us," like there's a clan of Bon Jovi fans that have to approve every review and are not impressed by references to his being attractive. In case you are interested in creepy, hypocritical details, Medina linked her comment to her Facebook profile, where she says she got a degree at the "University of Jovi" and majored in "Jon's megawatt smile and awesome rear."

She commented four times on this story. FOUR.

I especially LOVE the line, "Jon (we'll call him that to distinguish him from his usual band that shares his last name)" ROTFLMAO!!!! OKAY!!!! You're a little late BITCH! I think WE ALL call him that!!! Hahahaha!!
Nancy. Go outside.

Here's another gem, from barbaraknowsrockandroll:
Liz Tracy you are low class, obnoxious and ignorant of the truth.  You have been shamefully disrespectful of one of the greatest rock stars ever AND his accompanying accomplished musicians.  Liz, I guess you "don't know his demographic" or much about  rock and roll, music in general, or even writing. ....and don't tell me your racist too, referring to the "white ladies in the crowd".   I have to say I laughed out loud when you called Jon's rendition of Hallelujah "decent"....OMG I thought I'd lose it laughing....AS IF YOU'D KNOW .   I'll just close with this, in the only way a young punk like you can understand....Liz, you're a flaming asshole and you ought to keep your pie hole shut.
Yeah, Liz. As if you'd know. AS IF YOU HAD EARS OF YOUR OWN. You're a flaming racist asshole with an opinion I disagree with, and I need to make sure you know it.

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