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Jon Bon Jovi Heads to Hard Rock Live -- Five Good Reasons You Must Attend

To say that we here at New Times Broward/Palm Beach are huge Bon Jovi fans would be an understatement. We're like those people who grew up with JBJ's face and feathered hair plastered on our walls. We slept with his cassette tapes under our pillows. When word hit the office earlier this week that our favorite hair-band-gone-sensitive '80s rocker was coming to Hard Rock Live on July 26 with a backing band called the Kings of Suburbia, we overlooked the corny name, and the only sounds heard around here were gasps, yells, and panties hitting the floor.

Now, we know that JBJ is a must-see for any female over the age of 30, but let's delve deeper into why you need to watch one of New Jersey's best live next month, even if it'll cost you more than a hundred bucks for a seat. Let's start with this pic here and move on from there.

5. Young Guns II
When you're a nerdy 10-year-old girl filled with wanderlust and a movie about the Old West with somewhat nontraditionally handsome actors hits the screens and the song is all emotional and sung by the sexiest and manliest crooner of the hair band ilk, you fall in love. Chances of hearing "Blaze of Glory" live are slim these days, but ya never know. Maybe the spirit of Billy the Kid'll possess JBJ and elementary school dreams will come true. 

4. Slippery When Wet
This album came out in 1986, and you can still regularly see all sorts of people, those from Bushwick to Las Olas, dancing to three songs off of Slippery When Wet to this day. Can you say classic? We can. Classic. 

3. Where Will You Be?
"I'll Be There for You" is one of the most awesome power ballads of all time. Press play and get ready to feel things.

2. Big Politics
When you're like that little girl who loved Young Guns II but all grown up, the next sexiest thing in the world besides a man singing about the Wild West is one with good politics. JBJ is a big-time supporter of a couple of people that young girl ended up voting for.

1. Those Buns!
Duh. Come on. Who'd want to miss these guys?

Jon Bon Jovi and the Kings of Suburbia perform Thursday, July 26, at Hard Rock Live, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood. 

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