Jsin Jimenez of (((SHAKE))) Shares Memorable GET LOW Moments on the Party's Three-Year Anniversary

If GET LOW were a human being, it'd be an absurdly loud, dancing toddler, drunk on beats and tallboys. 

The weekly dubstep and hip-hop blowout is hitting its three-year mark on the Miami scene this Thursday, celebrating with Japan's Goth-Trad, New Zealand's Truth, and resident DJs Juan Basshead and Ashworth. The (((SHAKE))) crew, who host GET LOW, is dedicated to blowing ear-drums and minds at the Vagabond, taking this job very seriously. They've assembled a strong following of locals hungry for sounds from Daedelus and Datsik to Otto Von Schirach and Henry Krinkle. GET LOW set the stage for a homegrown, bass-loving music community by flying in out-of-town acts and fostering South Florida's talents. 

One of the night's organizers Jsin Jimenez shared his five most memorable moments in the history of GET LOW here. He refreshed our memories as to why the night is always a wild good time and a breeding ground for delightful beats and unforgettable times. It was likely a challenge trying to sift through the weeks of craziness, butt shaking, and arms flailing, but Jsin managed to do it. 

5. Day One
"Closest to my heart will always be the planning and promotion before the first GET LOW at the Vagabond with (((SHAKE))) on June 4, 2009, with Public Enemy's DJ Lord," Remembers Jimenez. "Downtown Miami was finally getting the proper dubstep and bass party it deserved, and there was full support from the bassheads and the whole scene which really made me happy we were doing it. We didn't want to let them down, and we knew we wouldn't." 

4. Up in the Air
"In October of '09, Borgore was the first person to ever crowd-surf at The Vagabond. It was my first real hint what was to come with the rise of EDM. These days you can catch him doing this for thousands of people at Coachella," Reminisces Jimenez of the risen gorestep star. 

3. Dat's It
"Our one Year Anniversary with Datsik was highly anticipated after he missed an April event. He made up for tenfold." Jimenez relates, "It's no easy task to follow one of Otto Von Schirach's legendary live extravaganzas complete with Mr. Feathers and Alligator Jesus, but Datsik somehow did it."

2. Hey, It's Your Birthday
"The November of 2010 event featured Gaslamp Killer and Daedelus, and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday. It was a great night of cake, bass, and DJ Craze even got up on stage to scratch with Gaslamp!" Says the autumn-born baby.

1. Dubbly Down
"This past December, Hatcha 'The Godfather of Dubstep' came back for his third GET LOW appearance. This time he brought N-Type and MC Crazy D on the Sin City Tour, promoting the new label. Sin City is also their London club night at Fabric where our resident DJ Juan BassHead plays from time to time." Jsin sums up the scene: We go there, you come here. We're all connected by beats. 

Visit the GET LOW three-year anniversary party at Vagabond, 30 NE 14 Street, Miami, on Thursday, June 7 at 10 p.m. It's 18 and older, buy tickets here.  Follow them on Twitter

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