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Junc Ops

Miami's Junc Ops combines some of the better elements of South Florida music into a savvy and futuristic amalgamation that whets the appetite and satisfies the hunger. It's party music in the way that poppy melodies and catchy rhymes seamlessly glide over bass-heavy productions and make you want to shake your rump. But to dismiss Junc Ops as party music means you haven't paid attention. The work of PG-13 (Paul Gaeta) and Kentsoundz (Kent Hernandez) gels well with the assistance of Matt CNTRL on the cuts, and musically they all have a lot to say.

As soon as the cute intro concludes, the album rips into the title track with firm gusto. "2013" is an instant hit, the beats and samples flowing together as PG-13 bounces all over the track with tongue-in-cheek rhymes about imminent doom (according to ancient Mayan prophecy, the world as we know it will end in 2012. Optimistically, Junc Ops has granted us an extra year and choose to focus on 2013). That sets the stylistic direction of the album, which retains a paranoid doomsday angle yet encourages all to have a good time because, well, time's up. Sonically, there's a lot to enjoy here. The electronica/hip-hop fusion utilizes elements of old school, funk, R&B, indie rock, jazz, and math rock. Thankfully that's harder on the eyes than it is on the ears. At times there are similarities between PG-13 and Eminem's flow, but, aside from blunt honesty, their deliveries and punch lines are a world apart. Songs worth checking out are "Nickel Bag," "Satellite Eyes," and the closer, "Transformations." Fans of Aesop Rock and A Tribe Called Quest should have no problems with this outfit. Fans of sci-fi paranoia will like it too. Sorry, but dumbassess need not apply.

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