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Jupiter, Florida's Seagrape Souljahs: "We Have Soul in Our Music"

How irie are your vibes? We bet not as peaceful as Jupiter's Seagrape Souljahs. A crew of five of the chillest guys in an already chill scene, Seagrape Souljahs is steadily on a path to spread its positive message. Big on the hyper-local scene in Jupiter, this reggae band has paid its dues and is more than ready to bring this energy to the rest of South Florida.

Playing day three of Lake Worth's annual block party at Propaganda, Summer Daze, isn't just a gig for Seagrape, it's an affirming testament to the all work it's been putting in. The band started out playing cover songs by Tribal Seeds and now they'll on the same bill as them. It's a major step for a local band, and the Seagrape Souljahs approach it like the dudes do everything else, with a laid back mindset and music-first attitude.

Before the final day of Summer Daze, we talked with Seagrape Souljahs about some positive vibes (man!) and Legend, of course.

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New Times: How did Seagrape Souljahs meet?

Jacob Constantakos: Me and Joey have been friends since sophomore year of high school. We've had a few different bands, and after those bands fell apart, we ended up meeting our drummer Logan. We started jamming with him and then more people came along, and it just kind of became Seagrape Souljahs.

What does the name of the band mean?

Joel Calderaio: We all grew up around the beach. Our drummer came up with it. Along Jupiter, we have all the seagrape trees and souljahs is just a made up word. We have soul in our music.

Have you found your connection to the bigger reggae scene or do you feel like you are in your own little world?

Jacob: In Jupiter, we have gotten so much support from all of our locals recently. Anywhere I go, people recognize me. I feel the love wherever I go. Lake Worth too, we have played Propaganda a few times. It's a different territory for us but people see our passion for music and we feel more welcome and more comfortable there.

What sets you apart from the other reggae bands?

Jacob: We have so many different styles and blends in our music and in our band, I grew up playing anything from Jimi Hendrix to hip-hop songs and reggae, all over the spectrum. Joey has been playing anything too. And our lead keyboard player was in a heavy metal band and our bass player was in a jazz fusion band. Logan taught himself to drum two years ago so we have such a unique blend of people.

What do you want to tell someone before they see your band?

Joey: Positive vibes, man!

What is that one reggae record that you keep going back and listening to?

Joey: Totally Legend by Bob Marley. When you think of reggae, you automatically thing of Bob Marley and of that album. That was the album that got me hooked on reggae music. I still listen to it almost every day.

Jacob: I am all over the place. I do go back to listen to Bob Marley just to remind me of the whole trend of peace and love that comes along with reggae. He really did open the doors for so many different people. I have been listening to a lot of Fortunate Youth lately because they are really strong with their message too.

What's the next move for Seagrape?

Jacob: We are mostly playing out. Everyone also has so many different side projects going on too. Joey does a lot of solo stuff to get his name out there. He is playing twice a week. I am doing a bunch of side projects. Everyone has a bunch of things going on but we still play with Seagrape. Mainly just gigging.

What does it mean to Seagrape to be a part of this reggae lineup?

Jacob: It is such a compliment. It is just weird to us, kind of. We're like, "why us?" For the love of music, we are just out there playing. It's very cool to see the local support behind it.

Joey: As far as Tribal Seeds go, we play a lot of Tribal Seeds songs and cover them. To see that, we started off as this reggae cover band playing songs by this band that we are now opening for, it's inspiring for us and pretty surreal. I remember watching them at SunFest last year, and I was like, "Shit, these guys are awesome!" And now we're playing with them!

Summer Daze Day 3 with Tribal Seeds, New Kingston, the Expanders, Spred the Dub, Roots Shakedown, and more. Show starts at 4 p.m., Saturday August 23, at Propaganda, 6 S. J Street, Lake Worth. Outside stage all ages, inside stage 18+. Advance tickets at Propaganda for $20 until day of show. Tickets available at the door for $30. are $5. Visit PropagandaLW.com.

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