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Just the Koufax, Ma'am

You love cheesy pop songs. Don't even try to deny it, Mr. and Mrs. Hipster-Doofus. We all know you keep your Supertramp's Greatest Hits hidden in the Guided By Voices case. You aren't fooling anyone. Luckily for you, Koufax has made it hip to be square. When the band released It Had To Do With Love in 2000, its two keyboardists traded bouncy Ben Folds-meets-Billy Joel riffs with vintage synths more colorful than Boy George's old hairdo, which placed It Had To Do With Love among the year's most eclectic releases. Following a major shake-up in membership that left Koufax with just one man on keys and temps staffing the rhythm section, the band recently cranked out its second LP; it is currently previewing Social Life before its October release. If that's not enough to get you off the couch, this week's gig at the Factory also serves as a release party for the Remedy Session's self-titled disc on the Recovery label. Don't try to pretend you have better things to do -- your VCR is already programmed for American Idol.
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Tom Bowker

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