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Justin Bieber Busted by Cops During Ferrari Joy Ride, Uploads Police Pic to Instagram

Das Biebz is busted!
Ever since rapidly puberting pop star Justin Bieber split with longtime flame Selena Gomez, the wunderkind Canuck has been descending down a sinful spiral of biblically epic proportions. We're talkin' venial, carnal, and mortal sins.

The latest addition to zee Biebzes exceptionally long confessional booth itinerary?

Immediately following cold chillin' with supermodels in front of a TMZ strobe show, Herr Bieber went for a joy ride in a white hot Ferrari F430.

And was immediately busted by the cops.

photo from TMZ
EXHIBIT A: Bieber Busted

TMZ reports that Jay Beeb was cruising in West Hollywood yesterday around 6:30PM, when cops pulled him over, checked his papers, and issued him a citation. But for what?

photo from TMZ
EXHIBIT B: Scene of the Bust

Who knows? Maybe the cops weren't giving him a ticket. They could have been asking for an autograph for their teen daughters and/or their secret dungeon "Prince Justin" nipple shrines.

photo from @justinbieber

EXHIBIT C: Instagram or Bust

Hey, it wouldn't be any weirder than the time the paparazzi camped outside of a public restroom while he dropped a deuce. Anyway, here's Justin Bieber's recollection of his busted joy ride as abstractly mediated through Instagram.

We're not sure the following exclamation is entirely warranted or will even have any affect on the banal proceedings re-reported in this blog post. But in the spirit of the 99% and Jay-Z texting Barack Obama: "Free Justin Bieber!"

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