Justin Bieber Naked PETA Ad

Earlier this January, pop phenom Justin Bieber debuted a PETA campaign encouraging his fans to do their part and adopt animals from shelters instead of relying on pet stores. It came with the tag line, "Animals Can Make U Smile. Adopt From Your Local Shelter." Based upon the extremely tasteful, completely undoctored photograph of Bieber's nude bod above, there's even more for U to smile about today. Think of this as something to tide you over until the "Baby" singer's career gets completely exposed via the February 11 premiere of his 3-D biopic film Never Say Never.

Read more about this groundbreaking PSA -- which surely is not something fake concocted by an enterprising art director -- and see Bieber's past PETA ads below.

With so many of Bieber's pop contemporaries like 50 Cent spending their millions on fur coats, it's comforting to know that even someone who has weathered Canadian winters would rather frolic in the buff than have 20 dead squirrels wrapped around him. Of course, up until this point, his statements on the matter have been more tame -- not of the sexy Joanna Krupa, vivacious Taraji P. Henson, or even, er, Chad Ochocinco variety.

Here, Selena Gomez's rumored squeeze shows even less skin than he did in his recent Vanity Fair spread:

This vintage shot for Peta2 shows Bieber holding arguably the luckiest pup in the world -- aside from Bo Obama:

Unfortunately, our favorite CSI guest star's lying on his stomach, so there's no way to tell if the body attached to his handsome face bears his trademark bird tattoo. Now if it turns out that the naked mockup -- which features an egregious spelling error, might we add -- isn't real, all we can ask of you is please don't cry about it like this girl

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