Justin Bieber Wins a 2011 CMT Award

Thanks to the results of last night's 2011 CMT Awards it looks like the down-home Southern-bumpkin style of music so lovingly referred to as "country" has gone a little insane. It used to be that country music was known for it's twangy banjo and lyrics that cried about broken marriages, old trucks, and tractors that are just so sexy. 

I used to think the sharp twang of the banjo sounds too much like cats in heat but I'd take that back any day. Because you see, the world has gone mad.

Justin Bieber won a CMT Award last night.

That hurt to say.

How does the Biebs fit into the country genre? Well apparently collaborating on a music video with Rascal Flatts qualifies your grand entrance into the musical category.

Bieber and the Rascal Flatts won the Collaborative Video of the Year award for their song "That Should Be Me."

MTV is calling his win a "cross-over success" alongside Taylor Swift's award for Video of the Year for her song "Mine." 

The only thing "cross-over" about Bieber's win is the fact that he's officially crossed-over from a one-boy band to a complete boy-band. The song sounds much like N' Sync thanks to both its tune and lyrics. Because much like the formally-young boy band, Justin Bieber is singing lyrics that can be seen as mildly inappropriate for his age:

"Rumors spreading 'bout this other guy
Do you do what you did when you

did with me? 

Does he love you the way I can?"

Hey Justin, what were you doing with this girl?! Keep your innocence and move on.

Now if you're interested I've posted the music video that won last night. Feel free to watch it. I'll be in a corner lamenting the loss of America's sanity.

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