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Justin "Bluntin'" Bieber: Tour Busted for Bags of Bubonic

At the very beginning of 2013, we declared that Canadian Tweety Bird heartthrob extraordinaire, Justin Bieber, was going to the year's Pothead to Watch.

And while we maintain that Le Biebz is rapidly degenerating into a perpetually tardy, perma-smelly pothead, and that his mounting, life-consuming addiction to reefer has him neck-and-neck with Lindsay Lohan in an unofficial "Who Sucks The Most?" contest, we also feel kind of bad about heating up the little dude's scene.

We can't help but feel at least partly responsible for Justin's Blunt-mobile tour bus getting stopped in Sweden for -- you guessed it -- reeking of sweet Mary Jane.

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Y'know, sometimes it can be really hard to balance the immeasurably small and vestigial-symbolic "journalistic integrity" with our solid oath as allies to bud-smokers everywhere to Stop Snitchin' and ensure that all Snitches Get Stiches.

And hey, Bieber is the jabrone who thought it would be a good idea to morph into freakin' Snoop Dogg Lion overnight, with little care for the legion of cameras capturing his every last turd.

Plus, from the sound of TMZ's report, it sounds like J-Blunt and his stony baloney entourage don't know the first thing about keeping one's potheadedness discrete.

TMZ has spoken with a rep for the Stockholm PD, who told us ... Around 7:10 PM on Wednesday night, an officer smelled weed coming from Justin's bus, which was parked in front of the Grand Hotel.

Cops say ... when the bus left the hotel and headed toward the Globe Arena, the officer contacted a special narcotics unit, which issued a warrant to search Bieber's bus.

We're told cops searched the bus in the parking garage of the Globe Arena -- no one was on the bus at the time.

Cops say they found a small amount of narcotics (they won't say which drug, but local papers say it's weed) -- along with a taser.

We're told cops have not identified a suspect yet ... and the bus has not been impounded.

Bieber had been seen with his pal Lil Za in the hours before the weed incident ... and FYI, Za is the guy who was seen smoking pot with Bieber at an L.A. home earlier this year.

Cops tell us NO ONE WILL BE CHARGED because they have no idea who was in possession of the drug since the bus was empty. They found the narcotic on the floor of the bus so they have no clue who brought it on.

Damn, if only Weezy had been busted in Sweden!

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