Justin Timberlake Mocks Homeless People at His Wedding and The 5 Unfortunate Souls He Should Laugh at Next

Not entirely sure what LOLing about homeless people has to do with getting married but, uh, pop sensation Justin Timberlake and actress Jessica Biel are in hot shit after a video was screened during their wedding reception that did exactly that.

According to TMZ, the video's creators paid homeless people and prostitutes to appear in the video as part of a gag that implied those featured were friends of the newlyweds.

Uh, Haha?

Here are five more poor unfortunate souls Justin Timberlake should shit all over in the name of humor.

5. Skeptical African Boy

This meme is questionably funny and definitely at least a little racist. Doesn't that sound like the perfect guest of honor at Justin Timberlake's next wedding roast of people that are downtrodden.

4. Frances Bean Cobain

The progeny of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love deserves to be lampooned for her ridiculous internet presence, like acerbic Tweet wars with her mom. We don't care if it amounts to e-bullying: Get the fuck off the machine, Bean!

3. Taylor Swift

We have two options here. The first features Justin Timberlake in shitty drag performing a spoof of "Never Ever Getting Back Together" in an SNL-style skit. The other features Justin Timberlake jumping onto the stage of a televised award show to steal whatever trophy Taylor just won and hail Mary it across the theater into the lap of Kreayshawn.

2. Stevie Wonder

Because he's blind. Think this joke is in poor taste? Take it up with Mr. and Mrs. Timberlake. We're just riffing on their hate.

1. The 99%

The 99% is our number one pick because of the wide range of demographics covered. JT can crack mean-spirited jokes about activist-y Freshman in Guy Fawkes masks. Or he can just make fun of regular ol' poor people. Which brings us full circle.

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