Kanye West Headlines UR1 Festival; Five Outbursts We Hope 'Ye Doesn't Bring to Art Basel

Kanye performing at Art Basel is like Mickey Mouse doing a routine

outside of Cinderella's Castle. That shit makes sense. Well, at least

more sense than 808s and Heartbreak.

Accordingly, UR1 Festival has announced that the megastar producer and

MC will be headlining the Basel-week festival's inaugural

edition along with the Offspring and Lou Reed.

The only thing we're worried about is West's history of, um,


The second he's in the spotlight, 'Ye starts

spoutin' all sorts of crazy bullshit. Will he act a fool this winter

in Miami? There's no telling. Either way, knowledge is power. Here are 'Ye's top five seriously inappropriate outbursts.

5. Kanye West: Self-Exiled from MTV

After being relegated to perform on a side stage at the 2007 VMAs,

Kanye West declared he would never appear on MTV again. Kanye West: great producer, mediocre rapper, terrible bluffer.

4. Baby's First Hijack

'Ye quickly figured out that a successful temper tantrum doesn't take

place after the cameras are rolling. Here it is: The first time he

ever stormed on-stage to contest the results of an awards show on live


3. Kanye West Becomes Pop Culture's Darth Vader

Many might rank this as the MC's greatest hit and/or miss when it

comes to inappropriate exaltation. But frankly, County Grind is

totally bored with "Now I'm gonna let you finish...." memes. We must

admit, though, that Beyoncé going on to win "Video of the Year" was

certainly the juicy cherry on Mr. West's big stupid cake of a


2. Kanye on Kim's Sex Tape: "I'm luvin' it!"

Are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian even really together? Would you be

surprised to learn that celebrity relationships are actually yet

another layer of fiction foisted upon the buying public. One that is

too sedated to fight against corporate hegemony and is instead left

with just enough brain capacity to assemble Pinterest accounts

dedicated to Brangelina.

1. George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People

Good Lord, if this doesn't deserve an Extremely Detailed Breakdown, we

don't know what does. It's worth watching this video twice: Once to

fully absorb the hilarity of Kanye West hijacking yet another live

broadcast, and then another time to watch Mike Myers shit his


UR1 Music Festival. Saturday, December 8, and Sunday, December 9. Bayfront Park, 301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. Visit ur1festival.com.

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