Kanye West: Is He Jealous of Jay-Z's Bromance with Justin Timberlake?

Remember when Kanye West was touring Europe this past February, and -- night after night -- lost his metaphorical shit onstage?

In case you don't, let us clarify our statement with a note explaining that by "lost his shit," we don't mean "really gave the performance his all" or "misplaced his car keys."

Yeezy literally had his brain oozing out of his freakin' ears! How else could one explain his crazier-than-usual ranting and psychedelic harsh noise performances? Kanye even called out Jay-Z for hanging out with Justin Timberlake!

Wait a minute... maybe that explains everything.

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In fact, we're sure of it. When Kanye West declared to a London audience that he "got love for Hov, but ain't fucking with that 'Suit & Tie,'" he really meant the part about loving the fuck out of Jay-Z.

Did you not hear 2011's Watch the Throne? This pair of MCs are more than just two of the biggest names in the history of hip-hop and the genre's (self-proclaimed) co-kings. They are also BFFs! And how do you think Yeezy felt when his alleged number-one wingman started hanging out with freaking Justin Timberlake? Homey had some heartache, for sure!

Sure, TMZ reports that Ye and Jay have been spotted swappin' man-hugs on the streets of NYC. But that's, like, during the day, when Kanye hadn't spent a few hours polishing off a bottle of cognac to his dome. Next time Kanye is throwing a few back, let's see if he still feels copacetic about Hov's dalliances with the former mouseketeer and Top 40 pretty boy.

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