Karu & Y hopes for better luck second time around.

Karu & Why Are You Opening Back Up Again?

Karu & Y (71 NW 14th Street, Miami), the biggest failure in Miami's nightlife/culinary scene since, well, ever, is asking for a second chance. According to the press release, the "new leadership" presumes Miami still wants an upscale lounge and restaurant in Overtown, one of the city's poorest neighborhoods.

CrossFade spoke with Corina Biton, the venue's media contact, who said the new owners, Seecomar Investments, wants to turn the beleaguered business into a 42,000-square-foot entertainment destination, attracting a wide variety of high-end clientele with a diverse music options via a multi-room format. What cosmetic changes are happening, if any, at the moment is unclear.

The venue reopens the weekend of September 25, with Y Ultralounge and Tottem Gardens. A new high-end but reasonably priced restaurant will open in the winter.

-- Jose D. Duran


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