Kate Voegele

Even though she has barely reached legal drinking age, the cute and spry Kate Voegele has already accomplished much more than most other troubadours of her generation. In addition to scoring a regular spot on the CW soap opera One Tree Hill (portraying Mia), she's earned enough respect to share the stage with legends like Neil Young and Willie Nelson, to name a couple.

But don't think she got all this attention because of her obvious good looks (though let's face it, that does help). She's a skilled guitarist, pianist, and vocalist with chops well beyond her 21 years. Heartfelt emotion colors her songs, the best of which were recently released via MySpace Records on her debut disc, Don't Look Away. Many of her compositions take an ironic point of view on romantic disillusionment yet the music is still enjoyable throughout her album, especially when she brings forth influences from gospel and R&B. Consider this a hint that Voegele may be the next blue-eyed soul starlet of the pop world.

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