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Katy Perry and Juicy J: The Cutest Collabo in Pop?

Who would have known Katy Perry and Juicy J would make such a great pair? By now, we're all too familiar with their guilty-pleasure hit of the year. We think that just maybe, their match-made-in-heaven shtick could extend well beyond the trap hook of "Dark Horse." Juicy J is the only feature on the entire Prism album, and Perry asked for him by name. People who don't even like Katy Perry love this song. It was a number-one hit on the Billboard charts — Juicy J's first, but it shouldn't be his last.

Both are performing separately in Broward County this week, but if these two stay teamed up, they may be able to take over the world. And we believe there are some really good reasons this just might be the collabo pop music aficionados have been waiting for with bated breath.

He's Always High, and She Looks Like an Hallucination

You know Juicy is all about his double cup. He doesn't just get trippy; he stays trippy. Meanwhile, Katy Perry has every color wig known to man and dresses her private parts like a fancy dessert menu. Her bizarre getups fit right in with his inebriated state of mind, and they could probably brainstorm some great fashion statements. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what people mean when they say "made for each other."

Katy Perry Could Use Some Street Cred

Did you hear the sad news? Katy Perry and John Mayer broke up. We know, it's a real shame. The rumor mill states that she might be getting freaky with Diplo. Of course, that sounds like another stroll down Douche Lane. Perry needs someone in her posse who would literally scare the shit out of any player coming her way. Juicy J can be that trippy thug, mane. And let's be honest: Her music could use the street cred.

He Hooked Her Up With His Jeweler

When Perry brought Juicy to the studio, she mentioned that she wanted a grill. This reinforces our previous idea that Perry is ready for street life. Juicy J reportedly introduced the "California Gurl" to his jeweler. The whole pop-princess thing is so boring. It's mad early '00s. With Juicy and a grill, she could take pop to a whole new level.

She Could Bring Out His Softer Side

Just as we think Perry would benefit from our boy's ruggish nature, we think Juicy could use a good woman in his life. He may be an Oscar-winning musician, but he's still touring and asking gals on the road to twerk for him. He's getting a little too old for that life. Perry could be the strong, independent female who turns his world around and teaches him to see things as more than just a hustle. Or at the very least, she could help him get more number-one singles.

Together, They Have All Markets Covered

Seriously, this is just good business. Katy Perry has the pop and gay markets on lock, and Juicy J is down with every hood everywhere. They both manage to influence at least half of the hipster demographic, and where one of them falters, the other's got their back. This could be a real powerful partnership, the likes of which may have never been seen by the music industry before. If they dare to do this, it could be a perfect storm, but they must think carefully. Once doors like this have been opened, there's no closing them again.

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