KC and the Sunshine Band's Harry Wayne Casey: "I Don't Believe in Getting Bored on Stage"

I've never played a board game with Harry Wayne "KC" Casey, but I'd be willing to bet I could beat him at Operation, because the man has a knack for getting things stuck in people's heads.

Chances are his music has infiltrated your own subconscious since he founded KC and the Sunshine Band in 1973. He was only 22-years-old then, working at a record store, but he always knew what he wanted to do. And for 41 years, he's been doing it.

KC, as he politely let me call him in our interview, is still touring today, and this Friday, January 24, he will play at the Seminole Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, FL. And he'll do it because he wants to. It was clear when speaking with KC, that music and entertaining are still as fun to him as they were in 1973, when the word booty didn't exist, and this little band from Hialeah was making music as fresh and innovative as anything around.

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