Ketchy Shuby Frontman Releases Single with Side Project Bad Dreams

When Jason Joshua Hernandez-Rodriguez sings, you listen. It's science. The man with four names is best known for pouring energy all over the stage as Ketchy Shuby's frontman during gigs up and down South Florida. The band's signature brand of 'downtown soul' makes for a high energy show, because under all of Jason's amazing hair, there's a guy who loves making music and never half-asses it. If it's got his name on it, you can bank on a good tune.

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Sometimes musicians have so much music to make that one band just won't cut it. That's what happened to Jason last year when he decided to take it up a notch by announcing his new act, Bad Dreams. Maintaining a freakish level of mystery, just this week, Bad Dreams dropped their new single "Fast Life."

The four minute ear party has a mean dance groove that begs for another listen. It sounds like Empire of the Sun got a Prince facelift with a dash of "this is my jam!" relateable lyrics. It's the type of song you want to bump loud in your 1997 Honda with all the windows rolled down right as day turns into night.

Bad Dreams is just getting started, too. Look out for performances in the near future to lift the enigmatic veil of this act, and a full album to be released this winter.

In the meantime, listen to "Fast Life" to learn what all the summertime fuss is about.

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