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Ketchy Shuby's Christmas Anthem: "Santa Betta Not Wake My Girl Up (Ssshhh)"

The retro-soulful Miami men of Ketchy Shuby have a holiday jones, which is fully expressed via A Ketchy Shuby Christmas. The album just made itself available on Tuesday, and there's a little release party scheduled for the Stage this evening (details below). This release caps a busy fall of activity for the guys who were recently covering Austra and Nirvana, and injecting their own funky originals into the blogosphere.

Assuming there's some Scrooges who don't see the point of more Christmas jams -- hear some of the meaty music before turning into an icicle.

There is no greater gift than a good night's sleep, so here we have the first single from the collection, "Santa Betta Not Wake My Girl Up (Ssshhh)."

The only question we have: Jason Joshua Hernandez-Rodriguez, why do you get to sing so loud and passionate when you're trying to get St. Nick to shush? Actually, another question: Is it getting sweaty inside that red suit when you get into a full shimmy?

Bonus: here's another track from the album.

A Ketchy Shuby Christmas Release Party. With Art Morrera and Chellie G. 10 p.m. Wednesday, December 14 at the Stage, 170 NE 38th Street, Miami. Tickets cost $5, 21+. Click here.

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