Kid Rock

In this month's Penthouse magazine, 36-year-old Bob Ritchie, better-known as Kid Rock, is asked about the title of his latest album, Rock and Roll Jesus. His answer? "I believe in Jesus; I think it's great to promote his name." It's the kind of working-class, well-what-did-you-expect answer that's endeared the rocker/erstwhile MC to his many, many fans. Kid Rock is a honky-tonk-singing, hip-hop-rhyming, heavy-metal-screaming musical chameleon. He has also mastered the art of keeping himself in the spotlight with his antics, his choice of famously hot women, and his famously short fuse. After a recent scuffle with Tommy Lee (with whom he shares an equally famous ex, Pamela Anderson) at this year's MTV Video Music Awards, he was quoted as saying, "I regret not hitting him harder." After his divorce from Anderson this past February, he jumped on an airplane with his guitar and visited the troops in Iraq. In a word, Kid Rock is pretty unpredictable. He has chilled at the White House with George W. Bush and inducted Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Bob Seger into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He has shared the stage with a cornucopia of musicians, from Chuck D to Jerry Lee Lewis, from Metallica to Sheryl Crow. While he's lately sung more than rapped, he's now busying himself with collaborations with hip-hop stars Lil Jon, Reverend Run, and Beanie Siegel. Kid Rock may be all over the place, but ultimately the same phrase he uses to describe his music might also be used to describe his life in general: "100-percent pure fucking rock 'n' roll."

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Jason Handelsman