Kid Sister

One of the last times I flew on an airplane, I sat next to Kid Sister on a two-hour flight from Jacksonville to Austin for SXSW. She was the flyest-dressed girl on the plane (tight red jeans, doorknocker earrings, fresh pair of dunks on her feet) and also the most annoying. Homegirl literally smacked her gum, looked at her Lee Press-on Nails every five minutes, and acted as if she were the hottest entertainer to hit Austin, ever. Turns out she wasn't. I saw her perform twice, and everyone else on the bill was better than her by far. She's riding the raunchy hip-hop craze made popular by Yo Majesty and Spank Rock, which truly is fun no matter who is behind the mic, but that doesn't mean li'l Sister has talent. What I can say is that this cockstrong, Chicago-based Chicana is full of self-confidence (the first step in putting on a good stage show) and has hipster and indie kids drooling at all of her gigs. She's actually the kid sister of Flosstradamus DJ J2K, hence the name, and since he's also her DJ and the trio generally travels together, even if Kid Sister bombs, her club beats are always banging and you're in for a hell of a show as soon as the next act hits the stage.

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Jonathan Cunningham