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Kill Miss Pretty to Play at Revival of Old Ft. Laud Venue Squeeze, Now at Sea Monster

​At Francesco LoCastro's Pinkghost show opening Saturday night, the band Kill Miss Pretty was working the packed room with word of an upcoming gig at Squeeze, which, as far as we knew, had been closed for quite some time.

So what's that about? Well, while the venue is indeed now Sea Monster, a few months back the cats from Squeeze approached the current owners with the idea of doing some kinda throwback night on the third Saturday of every month. Apparently they've already thrown a couple parties (this is all news to us). And each was reportedly more successful than the last. Which means by the time Kill Miss Pretty hits the stage with Daisy Berkowitz, things will undoubtedly be wall-to-wall. 

Here are the facts: Kill Miss Pretty, who were glowingly featured in a New Times Broward-Palm Beach cover story back in March of '09, have a new single coming out in February. The song is called "Judy Garland," and it features the axe work of KMP pal Scott Putesky, better known as former Mansonoid Daisy Berkowitz.

To celebrate the release of said single, KMP and Daisy B will be performing together at Squeeze at Sea Monster. In addition to the new track, and all your KMP favorites, the gang promises to pull out some old stuff from the beloved Spooky Kids. And, according to KMP's Russ Rogers, the whole gaggle are "gonna be themed in kind of a wacky Wizard of Oz-meets-Lunchbox reject feel. Art of Shade's Kayce Armstrong is even designing [KMP singer] Alicia's Dorothy dress." 

Got it? Good. We'll remind you again closer to show time. But for now mark your calendars. Cuz KMP and Daisy B are not to be missed. 

Saturday, February 20. Squeeze at Sea Monster, 2 S. New River Dr. W., Fort Lauderdale. 954-767-6200

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