Kill Now?! Dies Friday Night at Propaganda

After putting out respectable-yet- amateurishly raw debut EP

See Lons Fini

this past November, boisterous Lake Worth punk trio

Kill Now?!

had, seemingly, a lot of momentum going into the new year. But alas, the hardcore-meets-classic rock three-piece has decided to call it quits.

According to its Facebook page each member has decided to pursue their own "personal dreams" instead. The page stating that singer/vocalist Gene Pandolfi would be taking his talents to beauty school, while bassist Gabe Schnirman is set to start an Alpaca farm in the Netherlands, and Jason Johnson moving to the Everglades to teach alligators how to swim. Seems a fitting end to a band that always towed the irreverence line and never took itself too seriously?

We did reach Johnson for verification, and he assures us that the band is hanging it up, and the final gig set for Friday, January 21, with like-minded blaring act Angry Pudding at Propaganda is not a publicity stunt. "We feel we have taken this band as far as we can, and it's time to move on to something else," said Johnson. The guys had been playing together for more than 5 years and had grown frustrated with the lack of attention to their music (too little too late with this post boys?) according to Johnson.

Kill Now?! will live on in spinoffs however. Schnirman has started a new band called New Coke--which already blasted Propaganda this past weekend -and Pandolfi, is also in a new project called Heavy Boots that will begin playing shows soon.

 In the meantime, we pay homage to the future defunct trio by featuring "Hot Spot," See Lons Fini's standout track, tipping our 40s to its sludgy guitar work and Pandolfi 's deadpan Suicidal Tendencies-like vocals.

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