Kill Your Idol Opens in Former Blue/Feelgoods Space

Courtesy of Thrillist
Kill Your Idol
​Thanks for the invite Kill Your Idol. We heard about your private opening last night an hour before it actually happened. No we aren't mad at all. Not one bit. Whatever.

We would give you a description of the interior, but, hey, we have yet to even stop by 'cause we weren't invited to last night's private opening. Thrillist says its a mish-mash of last-century artifacts, but we wouldn't know, 'cause we weren't invited.

We hear its opening to the public today, but we suppose that's anybody's guess, 'cause we weren't invited.

What you need to know is it took over the former Blue-turned-trainwreck-venue-Feelgoods space at 222 Española Way, Miami Beach, which has us feeling a bit skeptic this place can survive the post-Blue period. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Still waiting for our invitation.

[via Thrillist]

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