Kings of Leon - Cruzan Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach - September 6

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The stage set up was a bit glam for a rock and roll band featuring watery, glittery blue lights to start and later neon lights, and a huge sign that announced the name of this newest release.

Without a single pause or intake of breath, KOL launched into "Tapered Jean Girl," an oldie off the album Aha Shake Heartbreak. Caleb Followill thanked the crowd before hitting the appropriately titled "Family Tree."

Next, in succession, came the morbid tune "The Bucket" ("You kick the bucket and I'll swing my legs"), the hauntingly catchy "Closer," upbeat "Notion" and a few others, all accented with trippy bright lights and kaleidoscopic effects. While not all audience members knew the older song lyrics, there was still plenty of jamming going on (a.k.a. white boy dancing).

Cameron Matthew Followill's Hawaiian shirt was appropriate when the band played "Mary" off its beachy album Come Around Sundown while the background created a summery atmosphere with sunsets, palm trees and retro pics from sandy '60s days past.

Caleb said, "It's good to be back in the South. This night and the night before were the best two nights [on tour]." Not surprisingly, the audience cheered loudly as "Back Down South" got started.

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Natalya Jones