Kiss and Def Leppard - Cruzan Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach - July 22, 2014

I don't know who comes up with these touring packages, but it does seem a little bit odd on paper having '70s hard rockers Kiss share the bill with England's Def Leppard, which, also from that decade, made most of its mainstream chops during the glam metal '80s. You know there's confusion if Paul and Young Ron are also trying to wrap their heads around it. Wouldn't each band be better-served headlining its own tour with a different opening act?

Cue in what little memories remain from having owned the Hysteria album on cassette back in the day and the fact that I've never been a full devotee of Kiss. At least I knew the people-watching would be excellent if things got too hazy for me.

Truth be told, both bands did their jobs very well, and it really does bug me as to who comes up with this stuff. It seems like Def Leppard could've benefited from a longer set. A packed Cruzan seemed to really enjoy seeing the band onstage.

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Abel Folgar