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Kiss Kruise 2011: Lick It Up (Our Complete Coverage)

The very first Kiss Kruise is now a wrap, but County Grind's recap of this past weekend's adventure has only just begun. As you can see, the newly chartered Kiss Navy is a passionate bunch -- for the band and each other. Photographer Ian Witlen and I wore our white captains' hats all weekend long and set a course for documenting as much of this experience as was humanly possible.

There are a lot of photographs and videos and stories to share from this groundbreaking weekend. As we empty out our whiskey-soaked notebooks and external hard drives covered in white paint, we'll add more to this page.

Kiss Kruise: The Preparty and Assorted Madness Begin Tonight

Kiss Kruise: Let the Face-Painting Begin!

Kiss Kruise Day 1: Sailaway Show Unmasked

Kiss Kruise: Pajama Party and a Full Moon

Kiss Kruise: Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed Wear Wedding Rings

Kiss Kruise Day 2: The Boat Really Rocks

Slideshow: Kiss Kruise Sets Sail (45 photos!)

Kiss Kruise 2011: The Cover Story & My Paul Stanley Interview

Kiss Kruise Slideshow 2: Masked and Unmasked Performances
Kiss Kruise Day 3: Start Planning for 2012

Kiss Kruise Day 4: A Day at Sea

Kiss Kruise: Three Ultimate Kiss Army/Navy Fan Experiences

Kiss Kruise 2011: Video Scrapbook

Plenty more to come courtesy of your County Grind captains (not pictured below). Keep checking back at this page as we flesh out more of this unforgettable weekend. Many thanks to the folks at Sixthman for all of their assistance throughout. Enjoy!

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