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Kitty Klaus Market at Kreepy Tiki/Monterey Club Offers Snake Skeleton Pendants

County Grind attends and details some of the finest -- and occasionally subpar -- events from a given week. On Sunday, Kyriaki Tsaganis hit up the Kitty Klaus Market in the back parking lot of Kreepy Tiki Tattoos & Boutique/the Monterey Club in Fort Lauderdale.

Seeing how I still hadn't been to the Monterey Club (I'm a shameful Fort Lauderdale boozer, I know), I figured what better introduction to the burgeoning institution than a lazy Sunday afternoon of holiday shopping and drinking at the Kitty Klaus Market. My companions and I made our way around to the back of the parking lot where the vendors had lined up to hawk their handmade wares and vintage finds. There were only a few stragglers wandering about by the time we arrived a little after 2 p.m., but more began to trickle in as their hangovers wore off.

This is the first of many markets to come organized by the Kreepy Kittens. Founding Kitten Nicole Fountain said the litter: "was formed to do more girlie things," (they recently hosted a class on pin-up hair and makeup), and to generally, "get more people out here." Well, ladies, you did a purrrfect job. And a big cheers to Rob Stannard, the owner of Monterey Club, for his excellent beer recommendations. Here are some of the highlights:

Snake skeleton pendants by Monterey regular bartender, Bryan Colman. Simmer down PETA patrol; these former pets all died of natural causes. Plus, recycling! If you're not an animal lover, he also makes rosaries with bits of human bones, natch. 

Candy colored skull and cameo necklaces from Couture by Lolita.

For your favorite nerd: Lego cuff links and earrings. And gamer Scrabble tile pins. And loads of other ridiculously cute and crafty shit, all by Michelle of PinkFlowerCube.

These lovely knitting ladies know how to multitask. Brook Brunton of CutesyBootsie and Jenna of withsprinklesplease, respectively. 

Collaged vinyl ashtrays by Melodie Blaize, who got the idea after watching her brother and his friends melt a record into a hat. 

Lori, from Henna Eden, began painting on boxes because "there's not always a body around."

Tania Luna picked up an antique spoon necklace from Reinvintage Jewelry.

Any of you crafty folks out there looking so sell your trinkets and doodads at the next market, contact the Kreepy Kittens.

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Kyriaki Tsaganis

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