Knight Arts Challenge Open to All of South Florida's Musicians, Artists, and Thinkers

In most families, there's an older wealthy relative that you all like -- and some even love -- but that you're all kind of waiting to die so you can live out your dream of learning the art of Tibetan Buddhist sand painting. 

Lucky for us here in South Florida, we have one of these, except this old uncle doesn't need to croak so we can live our dreams. His name is the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Just yesterday, the fifth-annual Knight Arts Challenge kicked off requesting applications from people with good ideas in the tricounty area. Anyone can apply. You don't need to be associated with any org or 501(c)(3); you just have to have a plan that follows their guidelines.

These are:

1. The idea must be about the arts.

2. The project must take place in or benefit South Florida.

3. The winners must find funds to match Knight's commitment. 

Past winners include the Palm Beach Poetry Festival, Funding Arts Broward, Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, and local drummer Willie Stewart. Former member of Third World, Stewart has played with big names like Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder. He also brings Rhythms of Africa to students in the Broward County School System with help from the Knight Foundation. 

Start brainstorming and applying. You can apply any time between now and March 19. Just visit knightarts.org

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