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Kreamy 'Lectric Santa

Kreamy 'Lectric Santa bridged the awkward end of the '80s and the massive untamed wilderness of the '90s local music scene, especially helping to cement Churchill's Pub as the real musical hub of South Florida. But a spinal injury, relocation to Oakland, California, deaths, and dwindling finances have limited the band's commercial output in recent years. So it was about time for the release this year of the band's latest proper studio album, Operation Spacetime Cynderblock: "Four Riddles of the Spheres." The 19 tracks therein provide but a glimpse of the beautiful racket that Robert Price (guitar, vox, beeps, loops) and Priya Ray (violin, vox, extras) have been making all these years. Besides frequent collaborators like drummers Ricky Pollo and JP Burns, bass men Andre Powell and Ian Billet, and Jan 9 on keys, some 22 other musicians appear on the record. That includes local favorite Dino Felipe, who joins them for two Thanksgiving-weekend South Florida gigs.

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Abel Folgar

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