Kreayshawn Shows Off Her Weed Stash on Instagram; Here Are Five Other Must-Follow Mellow Musicians

The internet is a magical place. And when certain doors of the world wide web are opened, out comes some crazy shit, especially by people who are kinda famous. Instagram is one of those portals that lead to total internet retardation. It is there that "celebrities" seem to forget they have a billion followers, or they just don't give a shit and snap shots of their pile of kind bud to the world.

Two months ago, Queens rapper Action Bronson found himself in some serious e-hot water after posting offensive photos of a transgendered woman. Then there's Rihanna, who has been no stranger to the Instagram scandals (See: smoking blunts and questionable cocaine jokes). And yesterday, white-girl rapper Kreayshawn shared a photo of her latest weed stash packed up in a classy fortune-cookie bag. One commenter said, "Someone's dealer ran out of ziplocks. LOL." LOL indeed.

But not every musician on Instagram is acting a fool, and we've compiled a list of must-follow personalities who will surprise, entertain, and charm.

5. Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg)
This is sort of a given. But you might be disappointed if you thought his feed would be packed full of bong hits and smoke clouds. Sure, there's some weedcentric pics, but it's also chock-full of "sock game" images, Dogg-inspired cupcakes, and even a little bit of interior design.

Nothing is funnier than a photo of Snoop Dogg's living room with the caption "Coffee table!"

4. Zooey Deschanel (@ZooeyDeschanel)
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What's not to love about manic, pixieish, doe-eyed dream girl Zooey Deschanel? From her band She & Him to the hit Fox show New Girl, she's constantly on the radar.

And now we're hooked on following her quirky iPhone persona by way of Instagram. We're pretty jealous of her seriously amazing nail art.

3. Questlove (@QuestLove)
Following Questlove on Instagram is like having your own personal daily backstage pass to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. The Roots drummer not only shares candid photos from the set but a slew of images from the road, occasional food pics, and even broken hairbrushes. Someone get that man a stronger comb!

2. Taylor Swift (@TaylorSwift)
Yeah, that's right. We follow Taylor Swift on Instagram. And she loves taking photos of just about anything, including cooking attempts, her cat Meredith, even screen shots of text messages from friends. We could totally imagine being best friends with TaySwift (follow us!).

1. Puscifer (@Puscifer)
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If you love wine, the occasional puppy pic, and lots of grapes, you should follow Maynard James Keenan's musical project Puscifer on Instagram. It struck as kind of amusing that he'd have an account considering he's into being a recluse. But, hey we're not judging, and we're happy to follow along with his adventures on the road and at the winery.

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