Kreepy Tiki Got Krafty on Sunday

On Sunday afternoon, the Kreepy Kittins (Kreepy Tiki Tattoo's pinup girl gang) transformed downtown Fort Lauderdale's music venue Revolution into a wonderland of vintage and handmade goods for a day of good ol' retro fun. In the past, I'd only seen concerts at Revolution, so I was curious about how the "crafternoon" would pan out.

One of the busty pinup clad girls selling raffle tickets greeted patrons entering the market. Everywhere I looked, there was a smiling face peddling handcrafted treasures.  

First stop in the

labyrinth of kitschy goods was the Kreepy Tiki Tattoo

booth. The table, decorated in sugar skull prints, showcased various talented works from the shop's artists, customized Dia de los Muertos skulls, and cutesy beer-bottle-cap hair bows for the ladies.

I browsed some racks of vintage threads, admired mosaic tiles, and continued on through the maze, making my way over to the Feathers Divine station. Owner Diana "Diveyena" Hort certainly had a "divine" setup for her boho-meets-couture collection of jewelry and hair accessories. But the real attraction at her booth was the feather extensions that she was weaving into people's hair. You gotta love wearable art. She was swamped most of the day, so I didn't get a chance to get feathered, but I'm hoping to visit her (sooner than later) in Delray Beach for an appointment.

At the Reinvintage Jewelry table, designer Traci Moody never disappoints. From dollhouse charm bracelets to skeleton-key necklaces, Traci's innovative mixture of old with the new always captures my attention. There's something a little magical hiding in each of her timeless creations.  

There must have been more than 30 vendors at the event, each showcasing their various artistic talents and giving fairgoers a taste of the indie handmade culture. From beautiful teacup bird feeders to spooky skeleton accessories, there was definitely something to satisfy everyone's desires. 

The full Kreepy Kraft experience -- packed with collectors and artists reveling together -- truly surpassed my expectations.

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