Krewella - Club Cinema, Pompano Beach - January 25

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Of course, being standard music bloggers, we arrived just after this most upsetting declaration. We found the place swarming with hundreds of excited raver kids who stood around chanting, complaining or rearranging their night. Most of them didn't even understand what had happened.

But we can't take no for an answer, and we can't work our way through a mob of sweaty "friends of molly." Unfortunately, things were so incredibly hectic, we missed the first hour or so of the trio's massive set standing around, pleaing with people that no, we weren't just trying to sneak in. Yes, we were on assignment. We had a lot of heavy doors slammed in our face before we were rescued.

Thankfully, Krewella goes so fucking hard, we could hear every last bassy drop come bleeding through Cinema's backdoors. They riled up the crowd with their anthemic "Go Hard" pretty early on. They kept up their pace, dropping easily recognizable hits like "Atom," "Ghosts N Stuff" and local heroes GTA's "Booty Bounce."

They played get-it-wet original "One Minute," before dipping into some heavy trap. You could hear the kids screaming their heads off through the walls. Just as we were about to lose patience, the right man showed up to let the bouncers know we were good to go.

The fire marshal was right. The whole place was a sea of sticky arms and sweaty haircuts. We can't imagine how anyone in that crowd managed to breathe, let alone scream along to every Krewella lyric as it was delivered. But Pompano showed it could go as hard and wet as anywhere else, and the bouncing threesome behind the decks wasn't going to give them a chance to let up.

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