Kubiat Nnamdie on His Musical Collaboration with Manny Mangos and the Creative Flow of Steven A. Clark

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Kubiat Nnamdie is involved in an experimental music project with Manny Mangos on which the artist plays percussion and sings, called EXU-LSD. Mangos is Puerto Rican and Nnamdie is Nigerian, so they're culturally familiar with what West Africans call Juju. Their music and a future performance installation will explore their shared history of magic. Of the atmosphere of the sounds Nnamdie creates, he notes in Morrissey-esque style, "When I'm writing a happy song, I like to write it from a place that's maybe not so happy." Mangos is not only his sometime sonic cohort, but also one of his subjects (see above).

Though he's focused on showing his work around the world, locally, Nnamdie showed in a two person, musically focused exhibition, "Shape of Sound," at Sweat Records with fellow photographer Jaime Salazar whom he considers a "great creative force." Other musicians he's taken the time to shoot photos of include Broward's Shade Boy Ones, L.Elliott, and Life Alive. He would like to also like to point his lens at other acts from Florida, like the Jacuzzi Boys, and possibly compose a book with the images.

Of working with rising Miami singer Steven A Clark, Nnamdie says, his music goes beyond R&B, "He's so genre bending and a very creative musician." Before their shoot, which took place in Nnamdie's hometown of Pembroke Pines, the photographer asked Clark some probing questions: "How is his creative energy at this moment? How is he feeling about things? What is his favorite color? How does he tap into writing with music?" The artist says it's really just about connecting with another musician.

When asked to respond to the same set of queries, he answers, "My favorite color is green. I love green, I love the forest. I asked him [Clark] what is his creative flow. My creative flow now is, and always has been going, just flowing. I'm just keeping up with it."

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