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Kung Fu - Funky Biscuit, Boca Raton - September 21

Expectations were pretty high Saturday night at the Kung Fu show at the Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton. The time we'd seen them prior, we were floored. There was only hope that the experience would match up with what'd been building up inside our heads. But, lo-and behold, when they took the stage to a jam (and we mean jam) packed room, our expectations were more than exceeded.

Kung Fu is a five-piece funk-fusion jam band hailing from Connecticut. The group consists of music veterans from similar, yet different backgrounds. Todd Stoop, on keyboards, is a member of much loved prog-jam band RAQ, and Tim Palmieri, on guitar, is also a member of a Zappa tribute band Z3. Together with Robert Sommerville, Chris DeAngelis, and Adrian Tramontano's more jazz inclined leanings, they form this impressive funk powerhouse.

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The Funky Biscuit It was completely brimming with the most enthusiastic people ready to just get down and party for about two hours to soul-shaking sounds It was a nice mixture of all types of folks, from button-down dress shirt guys to the dreadiest heads; everyone was in it to win it.

From start to finish, Kung Fu just laid down an onslaught of funk that would the make Queen of England get off her dusty ass and boogie. It was just song after song of heavy duty goodness. These five guys are some of the most skilled, hardest working showmen out there on the scene right now. They displayed complex jazz and funk riffs which would, at times, splice off into the heavier metal ones, at which point Somerville would hit the sax in way that was reminiscent of John Zorn. The level of interplay and communication between the band was impressive. But even in its complexity, it never offered the audience a lull to rest their dancing shoes.

At one point, the band welcomed up the president of AURA Music Group, Daryl Wolff. He took to the keytar for a special jam. It was quite possibly the best rendition of "AxelF" ever; everyone was just going nuts. The night was filled with musical mastery. It was an exhilarating set from start to finish, and no one in attendance could say otherwise. Especially because they were too busy letting their feet do the talking.

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Derek Heid

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